RESEARCH TO FIND THE CLUES

Ideally located in the heart of Washington, DC, we have fingertip access to the nation's information repositories, such as: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution, And many nore of the components of governmnet necessary for the verification and furtherance of commerce and trade. 
In keeping with our Disclosure Notice of 22 SEP 2006, we provide six areas of research and analysis services as follows:

Type Research/Analysis


General Research

Acquisition of information generally available to the public from government, public, and private sources.

Case File Review

The reviewing of publicly accessible information to determine the status of a pending legal or administrative proceeding.

Case Proceeding Analysis

Review of a pending proceeding and report of what is observed with respect to the direction of the proceeding relative to process only.   (This is a mandatory step before the acceptance of any case for directive research, factual analysis, or investigation). 

Strategy Options Analysis and Review
A Case Proceeding Analysis, and an assessment as to how to proceed with the collection of factual data necessary to support the theories that the leading party may desire to proffer. 
Factual Nuclei Development

Commencing with an interview process of the client, to include General Research, and review of documented information from the client, and yielding to an analysis of the information accumulated in that fashion to develop a document indicating the facts, as well as a valid opinion as to relevant facts.  Such analysis, collection, and opinion in no way consider legal parameters or theories and are provided along with the disclaimer that such information should not be regarded as “legal advice". 

Indepth Historical and or Referenced Research and Analysis

Acquisition of information by in-depth academic style research such as by intensive study via the Library of Congress and other publicly accessible reservoirs of knowledge.

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